Current Lab Members

Shantanu Tilak, M.A.

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I'm a PhD student of Educational Psychology at The Ohio State University. My research looks at the incorporation of cooperative learning processes in technology-supported classrooms and the reformulation of systems to allow both individual and collective agency for students using technology to learn. My work draws largely on the theories of John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky and critical theorists such as Habermas, and lies at the crossroads of sociopolitical critique and participatory action, aimed at bridging the research-practice gap that exists in education.

Adriana I. Martinez Calvit 

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I’m a graduate student interested in social-emotional learning (SEL). I want to help educators shift from traditional approaches in teaching, so they can help students develop agency. Before starting my graduate program, I worked as a Communications Director at Battelle for Kids (BFK) and as Program Manager at the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Throughout my career, I’ve worked with policymakers, researchers, education leaders, and teachers to explore new approaches to teaching and learning that are student-driven and equitable across different student groups. I hope my research will inform both practitioners and policy.

Monica Lu, M.A.

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I am a doctoral student with a general interest in understanding how motivation develops in young students and how their interactions with their teachers and classmates might shape their academic motivation and subsequent learning outcomes. Prior to starting my doctoral program, I completed a Master's in Educational Psychology at the University of Virginia where I was able to become immersed in applied research. I began to ask how my research and the knowledge I have can be pieced together to create something tangible and feasible to be brought into the classroom. I hope to continue working closely with educators and students to bridge the gap between research and practice, and help build an environment where students are excited to learn and prepared to engage with the world around them.  

Saetbyul Clara Kim, M.A.

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I am a doctoral student at Ohio State University. As an undergraduate at Yonsei University in South Korea, I identified an interest in education and social work and graduated with double majors. After obtaining my master's degree in Educational Psychology at Seoul National University, I began a Ph.D. in educational psychology at Ohio State in 2018. My research interests include prosocial norms, social engagement, and emotional development. I joined the Collaborative Social Reasoning Project led by my faculty mentor Tzu-Jung Lin, associate professor of educational psychology, to study instructional methods that foster social reasoning and interpersonal skills. My life's project is to connect one's worldview, psychological dynamics, and academic behaviors (e.g., how one's world view can help to search the meaning of life and lead to the purpose-driven academic behaviors).    

Manisha Nagpal 

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I am a third-year doctoral student at The Ohio State University. Five years before, I would have never guessed that I would be pursuing a PhD in Educational Psychology. I completed my master’s in clinical psychology and worked in hospitals. Over a period of time, I realized the importance of mental wellbeing and inculcating healthy coping patterns from a young age. I started exploring the application of psychology in the field of education. I completed my master’s thesis on the role of test anxiety and how that negatively impacts students’ performance. I soon started developing a great interest in the social emotional wellbeing of students and applied for PhD program in the US. Now, I aim to develop intervention programs for adolescents that can enhance their emotional and social regulatory skills, especially by using techniques such as mindfulness meditation, yoga and dialogic discussions. I currently work in projects led by my advisor, Dr. Tzu Jung Lin.  

Ziye Wen

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I am currently a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at The Ohio State University. My research interests intersect with the social-cognitive development and use of technology in educational settings. My current research examines the influence of collaborative small-group discussions on the development of interpersonal competencies, with a particular focus on social perspective-taking. I am also interested in how the Internet and technologies influence civic learning and social-emotional development. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, video editing, piano, and fitness dance.

Kimiko Ching

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I am a doctoral student interested in motivation and achievement, with a focus on underserved and underrepresented populations. I hope to create equitable practices in higher education institutes. Prior to joining the Ph.D. program at The Ohio State University, I received my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Santa Clara University. My previous research has included studying mood attribution and studying achievement goal theory. This research is what led me to pursue further research examining student motivation and to focus on enacting actual change in our educational systems that lead to more equitable practices. This project has fueled this personal priority in translating research and theory into tangible interventions for teachers. Doing research with these students is constantly inspiring and shows how important it is to continue to build these researcher and teacher relationships.

Minxuan Hong

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I am a first-year graduate student in Educational Psychology master program at the Ohio State University. I received my B.S. degree in Psychology also at the Ohio State University. I’m interested in how interventions from teachers and parents could impact on students' cognitive and academic development especially their motivation in learning. I really appreciate this opportunity to work with such a nice team and to investigate interpersonal competencies students would gain through blended learning. I hope I can better assimilate academic knowledge and aim to further improve current education system and to solve more real-world problems confronted by today’ students. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with my cat, playing the piano, and watching animations.

Yue Sheng

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I am a first-year doctoral student at The Ohio State University. When I was trained as an elementary math teacher while I was an undergraduate, I was fascinated about learning more about how students learn and how to keep them motivated to learn better. As I progress towards my master’s degree, I have come to realize that apart from investigating how students cognitively process and construct knowledge, social others are also crucial elements of influencing students’ motivation. My primary research interest focuses on how parents’ and teachers’ perceptions shape adolescents’ own beliefs towards learning, which in turn impact students’ motivation and achievement. During my free time, I love building Lego, especially the Disney sets.

DeVaughn Croxton 

I am a second-year graduate student at The Ohio State University. Prior to attending The Ohio State University, I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics from Michigan State University. My research interests include Game-Based Learning and fostering academic achievement within both formal and informal learning environments. I aim to develop unconventional interventions that will improve student learning and engagement and help teachers enhance their instructional methods. In my spare time, I enjoy playing chess, playing strategic video games, and watching action movies.

Wonjoon Cha 

I am a doctoral student in Educational Psychology program at the Ohio State University. I have worked as a nationally certified English teacher at a public middle school in Seoul after receiving my B.A. degree in English Language Education at Korea University. I am interested in designing a Civic Education program for adolescent students to develop civic competencies such as interpersonal skills and perspective taking. I am also interested in fostering motivational climate in secondary schools, especially how technology can be used to improve students’ self-regulation and motivation. I like jogging and swimming and enjoy any kind of cultural activities (e.g., watching movies, listening to music, traveling).